Expert Computer Repairs in Toowoomba

Almost all of us have computers and if you are like most people, you know the feeling of a full breakdown. You probably feel helpless, angry and worried that you might have to get a new PC. Never fear, if this happens to you we are able to help with our expert computer repair in Toowoomba.

We Can Do Everything from Desktop Repairs to Laptop LCD Replacement in Toowoomba

Console Central would like to advise you of the services that we offer here in Toowoomba. Our Technicians have extensive computer experience with both corporate and personal computer environments, and have been installing and maintaining computers for over 15 years. We offer you a cost effective, prompt, friendly and confidential service. We can come to your house, your work or fix your computer remotely.

Since we come to you, we will be able to make it a convenient repair and promise to work hard to complete the job in an appropriate time period. We only need about 15 minutes of notice in the Toowoomba area, so book online today and we will get to you as soon as possible.

We are able to do everything from simple virus removals to full blown hardware replacements like laptop LCD replacement in Toowoomba. We have excellent rates that are competitive and we will always make sure that you are happy for your service. For all types of computer repairs in the Toowoomba area, contact us at Console Central. We can even repair your mobile phones, tablets and more.

Onsite Computer Repair in the Toowoomba Area
Call Out Fee $39.00
Half Hourly Rate $35
Remote Computer Repair in the Toowoomba Area
Remote Access Fee $12
Half Hourly Rate $25
Computer Repair in the Toowoomba Area
Half Hourly Rate $25