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Do I need to include anything with my device for repairs


If your device is an iPhone, iPod/touch, iPad or console, then no. We have all the necessary cords and accessories that might be needed during the repair. If your device is a laptop, computer or portable gaming device (eg, ds or psp), then please include the power cord with a label containing your name and phone number.

I have insurance on my device. Can you write me a claim report


Yes, we do and do this for many insurance agenceys. Please drop your device in for a repair estimate report and we will issue it to your elected insurance agency. The device is then repaired or in some small cases written off.

I can’t find my problem in your help and repair pages. What do I do?


Just send us an email at or call us during business hours on (07) 46 352 714.

My device is not listed! Can you fix it?


Chances are we can. If it’s electronic, we’ll do our best to fix it at a reasonable price.
Just send us an email at or call us during business hours on (07) 46 352 714.

I am not satisfied with the repair on my device. What are my options?


Please contact us and we will do our best to make things right.

What happens if I dont pay for my device after it’s repaired?


After 2 weeks we will try to contact you and remind that your device is awaiting collection. After 1 Month we try to phone you and let you know that if its not paid for within 2 weeks then the device could be dissmanteled to retrieve parts used, or sold to recover the repair costs or disposed of. If we are unable to contact you with the provided contact details in 6 Weeks from the repair date the device will be dissmantled to recover parts or sold to cover repair costs or disposed of.

What happens if after testing you find my device needs more work done?


If you approve we will continue the repair until the device is fixed. If you would like to cancel the repair, we can either return the device to the state it arrived in and only the $25 estimate fee will be charged upon pickup.

How can I pay for repairs?


We accept cash, direct deposit or PayPal. Please note that for direct deposit and PayPal, payments will have to clear before we can return the device.

I want to fix my device myself. Can I just buy the part from you?


No but you can buy from our wholesale iPhone Shop

What if the device is not repairable, do I still have to pay?


Console Central charge $25 for an estimate of repair to any electronic device. The estimate fee is not refundable but if the repair is successfull "We have a 93% Success Rate" it will be removed from the cost of repair.

Do I have to pay first?


No, Payment is only required after the extimate of repair or repair has been complete.

I live out of town is there a postal option?


There sure is, Call us and arrange for an express post serice, then post your device with all your details to

Console Central
Po Box 388
Darling Heights
4350 QLD

My iPhone has been water damaged what do I do?


If you cannot bring the device in right away for us to dissmantal and remove the water and or corrosion do the steps outlined below. If you can bring it in call us and do up to 1.2

1.0 Turn it off!, if it wont turn off use hard reset LOCK+HOME Button for 12 to 15 seconds. Shake the heck out of it, try to use centrifugal forces to get some of the water out. Try not to accidently throw it while you are doing this, console central takes no responcibility for cracked and water damaged devices while using this guide.

1.1 Vaccume it! If you have a vaccume try to suck as much water out of it as possible.

1.2 Put it in a big bag of rice, and tie the bag so it is sealed.

1.3 Put the bag of rice in to the freezer "no kidding this will draw water out"

If you have no intention of bringing the device in for cleaning / water damage repair leave the device in the rice for at the very least 2 Weeks. Remove it every day or two and add new rice.

Do you have apple parts in stock?


We stock ALL Apple parts so that you are not waiting for parts to fix your broken device.

Why should I use Console Central?


Fast Turnaround Most Jobs are complete within minutes not hours, you drop your phone in and pick it up an hour later at the most and console's have a 24 Hour Turnaround.

Warranty We are the only Apple repair center in toowoomba to offer 12 Months warranty for our repairs using Genuine LCD's and 12 Months Repair Cover "50% Discount on any repair to the device within the warranty period." We are the only eletronics repairer that fixes/mods Consoles in Toowoomba. We are the only Repairer in Toowoomba to fix iPod Touch 4th Gen Screen Repairs.

Standards Apple Repair We are electronic enthusiasts and have the highest repair standards in the industry. Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our Forte!

Qualificaitons We have engineering eletronics, mechanical engineering, and computer systems engineering backgrounds. We also have advanced soldering equipment at our disposal for SMD Removal/Repair. There are not many instances where an apple device is not repairable by us but many instances where it cannot be repaired by our competition due to lack of "knowledge, skill or equipment". We are the only Toowoomba based repair center to repair water damage properly. In most circumstances this is done with an IR Reflow station to remove tiny damaged SMD's and circuit rebuilding.

Bandwagon It seems that every man and his dog is now repairing iPhones armed with eBay for their cheap knock off parts a few youtube video's to help. On many occassion we have had the results of these repairs in our shop to get fixed again. Usually because of cheap knock off parts or the repairer has failed to put the phone back together correctly, missing screws, missing parts... and has broken something. In some instances they don't turn the things off before working on them and short out parts...
Should you really be trusting your device with them?

How long does it take to book a device in?


15 to 30 Minutes after calling.

Why do you have two prices for iPhone 4 and 4S screen repair


Option 1# Genuine Apple LCD Version with 12 Months Warranty + 12 Months Repair Cover - "it's an iPhone, why would you want to replace it with anything else".

Option 2# High Quality Generic LCD with 3 Months Warranty. A few months ago we only stocked Genuine LCD's but we would always get people calling up and saying "such and such does the repair for $100" Why are you $150. Then we would explain the difference to the customer and that we could not justify matching a $100 repair using a $76 Part when the competition are using a $18 Part. Sometimes we lost the sale to the more price conscientious customer going for the el cheapo no frills option.

Console Central owns an Australian Apple Parts Wholesale We have 3 Options for buying Replacement Screens "1# Generic copy $18"not worth getting high fault rate most commonly sold to small repair centers and ebay stores for around $40 to $60, "2# High Quality Generic LCD Version" $55 As close as you can get to Genuine without the price tag and the Glass is toughened like the Genuine one too. "3# The Genuine LCD Version" for $76.

Why are we telling you the prices we pay for our parts? Well we cannot really educate people about the difference in parts without telling you the price that they are worth.

60% of our business growth can be attributed to through word of mouth advertising. As Apple enthusiasts we share your love for the iPhone and wish to help you restore it back to original condition.

Do your Apple repairs come with warranty?


Most definately, We give you 12* Months Warranty for all repairs. And if the value of the repair is over $100 we grant the device up to 12 months Repair Cover.

How long does it take to replace the screen on an iPhone 4s


35 Minutes from the booking time, the iPhone 4S is more complex in design than the iPhone 4 that we do in 20 Minutes.

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