For all your iPhone 4s faults we are the fastest and the most efficient for repairs in Toowoomba. All of our parts are of the highest quality and this really shows with our 24 Months Warranty – Apple only offer 3 Months Warranty.

All repairs are now walk in, and we will give you a quote on the time needed for the repair. We no longer do appointments.
All repairs are done on the spot while you wait and most only take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

iPhone 4s Broken Screen Repair

The iPhone 4s screen replacement consists of 1 layer of glass, the touch screen and Liquid crystal display. These are individual replaceable parts as they are all stuck together.  This is why the iPhone 4s is more expensive than previous models as the full assembly is replaced.  If the back of the phone is also broken and you have it repaired at the same time.

iPhone 4s Back Screen Replacement

Apple went all out on the iPhone 4S giving glass on the front and glass on the back, at least with the old 3G and 3GS you had a 50/50 chance of it landing on the plastic back. Lucky for you this part can be replaced in just 5 minutes and at quite a reasonable price too.  If you have broken the front of your iPhone 4s and wish for both to be repaired at the same time. Sometimes pieces of the glass can go inside your phone if the screen has shattered into many pieces. While replacing the back screen, if there is glass inside of the phone this will also be cleaned out. 

iPhone 4s Speaker Replacement

If your sound crackles or you cannot hear people while in a call, your speaker probably needs to be repaired. The iPhone 4s contains two speakers, located at the top and bottom of the phone.  The bottom speaker is only on the left hand side, the right hand side is the microphone. We can replace this speaker in about 25 minutes and give you 24 Months Warranty. Please note that any issues with the ringer are a different fault. This is due to a fault in the loud speaker which is featured below.

iPhone Loud Speaker Repair

The loud speaker on the iPhone 4s is located on the left hand side. A lot of people believe that there are two but the one on the right is actually your microphone.  If your loud speaker has stopped working we can replace this for you in about 15 minutes. The repair comes with 24 months warranty.

iPhone 4s Microphone Repair

The microphone on the iPhone 4s is located on the right hand side. If others are having trouble hearing you when you call them you will need your microphone replaced. We do this in about 20 minutes.  Our 24 months warranty is included with this repair.

iPhone 4s Dock Repair

The dock connector on the iPhone 4s is for charging your phone and also for transferring data. If you are having trouble doing either of these chances are that your dock connector (otherwise known as a ‘charging port’) is faulty. This repair generally takes around 20 minutes.

iPhone 4s Home Button Repair

Just like its predecessor the iPhone 4s’s home button is prone to failure.  When your home button becomes intermittently faulty it is an early sign that it is beginning to fail. Eventually you will have to press quite hard for it to work, and soon after it will not respond when pressed.  This unfortunate repair is quite advanced as the whole phone needs to be disassembled to reach the home button. We can do this in about 40 minutes.

iPhone 4 Battery Repair

If your iPhone 4s doesn’t hold charge or doesn’t charge at all you might need the battery replaced. The battery also might not last as long as it used to, if this is the case replacing the battery will also fix the problem.  Generally a battery will take around 5 minutes to repair. We guarantee this repair for 24 months from the time you have it installed.

iPhone 4s Power Button Repair

Having Trouble turning your phone on or locking your phone? Common symptoms include the button intermittently working or jamming so that it doesn’t press in properly. This is quite a difficult repair as the phone needs to be completely disassembled to replace the button. We can repair this in about 40 minutes.

iPhone 4s Volume Button Replacement

If your volume button does not work, the buttons are jammed or only work intermittently this can be repaired. This repair is quite difficult to perform and requires the phone to be completely disassembled. We allow about 40 minutes for this repair

iPhone 4s water damage repair

Please note that with water damage time is of the essence. The difference between a repairable water damaged phone and one that is so corroded that it cannot be repaired economically could be 24 hours.  Don’t turn the phone back on or plug it into a power source, this can damage the phone as its most likely shorting out inside. Try to turn the device off if you can – sometimes the phone will simply reboot despite all efforts to turn it off.  We have the required equipment and advanced soldering skills to repair the most extensive water damage. We are the only repair center in Toowoomba that has the ability to remove or replace SMD parts at a consumer level. The ones that do offer these services simply send the phone away, this is bad as it adds more time for the corrosion to erode the circuits of your iPhone.