iPad 3 / 4 Repair Toowoomba

For all your iPad Third Generation problems (or as apple like to call it “The New iPad”) we are a local Toowoomba Repair Centre with Same Day Services.

All repairs are now walk in, and we will give you a quote on the time needed for the repair. We no longer do appointments.

iPad Generation 3 & 4 Screen Repair

The iPad 3 or the new iPad 4 like its predecessor is a sleek innovative peace of technology that really pushed the boundary’s of engineering again….  The Retina display is amazing and it only added .5mm to the thickens of the iPad.  The screen of the iPad 3 / 4 or as some people know it as The New iPad is quite easily cracked or broken. In testing people have found it weaker in construction than its preprocessed the iPad 2. If you are unfortunate enough to drop it on one of the edges without a case it will surly break. Lucky we are here to help you.  We can replace the touch screen or as its known by some as the digitizer and have your iPad 3 or 4 up and running again. The repair is quite complex a lot harder than the iPad 2 and will take at least 3 hours to complete. We do all the New iPad 3 or 4 Repairs in house so you get the fastest service and 24 Months Warranty with the repair.