iPhone 3G Repair Toowoomba

iPhone 3G Repair’s locally in Toowoomba Fast!
Console Central (iTechnician) first started repairing the iPhone 3G when it first appeared in Australia on the 11th of July 2008 sadly Australian’s Missed the boat with the fist iPhone 2G with it only being released in USA and then a few selected countries.  We have been fixing the iPhone 3G for Cracked Screens, Broken LCD, faulty iPhone 3G home button, iPhone 3G not holding charge.  We are also the only repair centre in the Darling Downs Area to be able to handle Logic Board issues such as surface mounted soldering and IC replacement. All repairs are now walk in, and we will give you a quote on the time needed for the repair. We no longer do appointments. All repairs are done locally on the spot in Toowoomba.

iPhone 3G Broken Screen Repair 

The iPhone 3G Screen is quite weak and will break if your unlucky and drop it on a corner. Repairs take between 10 minutes and 30 minutes on average. We take your old broken screen out, and replace it with a brand new one that will have 24 Months Warranty.

 iPhone 3G Speaker Replacement

If your iPhone 3G speaker doesn’t function correctly, crackles, or maybe distorts then you need your Speaker replaced. We can do this in about 30 minutes.

iPhone 3G Loud Speaker Repair

The ringer or loud speaker on the iPhone 3G Can become faulty and break down over time, either distorting the sound or maybe in some circumstances it stops working completely. We can fix this for you in about 30 minutes.

iPhone 3G Microphone Repair 

The microphone on the iPhone 3G is located at the base of the phone, If your mic stops working and people can’t hear you talk to them you will need the iPhone 3G mic replaced. Our 24 months warranty is included with this repair.

iPhone 3G Dock Repair 

The dock connector at the base of the iPhone 3G or as some people know it as the charging port can become faulty and stop working. You might get a message “this accessory is not compatible with this device. Not being able to charge the phone or not being able to sync the phone is another sign that the dock needs to be repaired.

iPhone 3G Home Button Repair

This must be one of the most frustrating things to go wrong with your phone, the iPhone 3G home button. If it becomes intermittently faulty you might find that you can click it and only sometimes it works, or you have to press really hard to get it to work. Quite annoying, but we can help you and replace this for you.  Just drop your phone in to us and we will have it back to new in 30 minutes or less.

iPhone 3G Battery Replacement

The iPhone 3G came out in 2008 so the batteries are really starting to fail. We can replace the battery in less than half an hour.  We guarantee this repair for 24 months from the time you have it installed.