iPhone 3GS Repair Toowoomba

For all your iPhone 3GS Repairs look no further than Console Central
Console Central (iTechnician Toowoomba) has been repairing the iPhone 3GS in the Toowoomba area since its release late June 2009. We have repaired broken iPhone 3gs screens, cracked iPhone 3gs LCD, iPhone 3gs not charging, iPhone 3gs home buttons that play up, iPhone 3gs battery, and iPhone 3gs water damage. We are the only repair center in toowoomba that can handle logic board repair. All repairs are now walk in, and we will give you a quote on the time needed for the repair. We no longer do appointments. All repairs are done on the spot while you wait and most only take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

iPhone 3Gs Broken Screen Repair 

The iPhone 3GS Screen can be cracked or broken very easily, luckily for you we can fix these in under 10 minutes at our store in Toowoomba. We can replace your broken screen, and also you get a brand new frame and a brand new home button as we prefer to replace the whole front of the screen. Please note that with the iPhone 3GS Screen replacement in Toowoomba you get 24 Months warranty with this repair.

 iPhone 3Gs Speaker Replacement 

If your iPhone 3GS sound crackles and clicks or maybe it’s distorted or you cannot or you cannot hear at all, your iPhone 3GS speaker probably needs to be repaired. The iPhone 3Gs contains two speakers, located at the top and bottom of the phone.  The bottom speaker is only on the left hand side, the right hand side is the microphone. We can replace this speaker in your iPhone 3GS in Toowoomba in about 25 minutes and give you 24 Months Warranty. Please note that any issues with the ringer are a different fault. This is due to a fault in the loud speaker which is featured below.

iPhone 3GS Loud Speaker Repair

The ringer or loud speaker on the iPhone 3GS is located on at the base on the left hand side. Its used for sounds and your Ringer, if you put your phone into Loud Speaker Mode its also used for that. If your loud speaker on your iPhone 3GS has stopped working we can repair this in toowoomba for you in about 15 minutes. Don’t worry your iPhone 3GS Speaker will be fixed in no time and we are local in Toowoomba, no sending your phone away. The repair also comes with 24 months warranty.

iPhone 3Gs Microphone Repair 

The microphone on the iPhone 3Gs is located on the right hand side of the phone. If others are having trouble hearing or if your voice is distorted when you when you call them then you will most probably need your mic fixed. We do this locally in Toowoomba in about 20 minutes from dropping your phone in via booking. Our 24 months warranty is included with this repair.

iPhone 3Gs Dock Repair 

The dock connector or as some people call it the charging port on the iPhone 3Gs is for charging your phone and also for transferring data. Its very fragile and can be broken quite easy, If you are having trouble syncing or charging en you most likely need this part repaired or the logic board that it connects to needs to be repaired. We can repair the iPhone 3GS dock or charge port in Toowoomba in about 20 minutes from dropping it in. This repair also comes with 24 Months Warranty.

iPhone 3GS Home Button Repair 

The iPhone 3GS home button is prone to failure and can suffer either intermittent faults or will stop working completely.  When your home button starts to become intermittently working its the first sign that it is beginning to fail. Your might have to press very hard for it to function.  This frustrating problem can be fixed locally in Toowoomba, we repair the iPhone 3GS Home button in about 30 minute.

iPhone 3Gs Battery Replacement 

The iPhone 3GS is getting quite old these days, if you purchased one back in June 2009 then the battery will be failing.  If it doesn’t hold charge or doesn’t charge at all you might will need the battery to be replaced lucky for you we are located in Toowoomba. The battery also might not last as long as it used to, if this is the case replacing the battery will also fix the problem. We can replace the iPhone 3GS Battery in about 20 minutes from the time you book in your phone.  We guarantee this repair for 24 months from the time you have it installed.