Sony Mobile Phone Repair

sony-xperia-z1-cracked-screen We perform all repairs such as broken screens, lcd not displaying, , sony experia touch screen not working, sony experia charge port broken, sony sound issues and everything else. The new Sony Experia Z and Z1 are one of the most common devices we have in to repair because the fragile plastic frame and the thin screen combination. We have had some customers that have had the device in their pockets, and simply leaned over and the screen has cracked.  Also the sony Experia Z and Z1 both have very fragile charge ports, we are able to replace the charge port and get the device up and running in no time. Some of the models we repair include: Sony Experia Z1, Sony Experia Z, Sony Experia, Sony Experia Active, Sony Experia Ultra, Sony Eperia Play, Sony Experia Active, Sony Experia Go, Sony Experia Z2