Video Card Repair Australia

No Display / Artifacts Repair $50

Before Reflow

The problem behind most artifacting or crashing on high end video cards (9 times out of 10) has to do with cracks, whiskers, and other issues with the solder balls under all of the BGA chips on the logic board caused by constant heating and cooling cycles.  This picture shows an old cracked Solder Ball that is causing no display on the video card.


After Reflow

Console Central developed techniques to repair video cards using advanced IR equipment. We isolate the GPU and heat the solder to melting point (217C) with the aid of MFR Reflow Flux and the bad joints under the BGAs will reflow, fixing the problem.  90% of the time this is successful and will revive your dead card. When you send your graphics card away for warranty most of the time all they do is reflow your video card and send it back, if they can’t fix it with a reflow then they replace. This picture shows what the solder balls look like after they are reflowed with quality flux and a professional BGA IR Machine. This repair comes with 3 Months Warranty.

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